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Most Business Development Leaders don’t have the tools and content they need to make their reps successful. Bookplay provide BD leaders with a platform to create, manage, and distribute their best reps knowledge and tactics resulting in more leads generated

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"More than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process"

- HubSpot

Engage prospects with the right messaging

Business Developers are working across a broad range of verticals, communicate with many different stakeholders in various industries. In a company, each role has different challenges that they need to overcome. With Bookplay you can provide your team with the right templates

Optimise time spent prospecting

With Bookplay your reps can focus thir time on prospecting rather than looking for the information they need. All the templates, processes, and tactics, are only one click away. On average reps are spending 26 hours a month looking for information. Imagine if you could decrease that amount by 50% or more!

Better qualify your leads

With Bookplay you can provide your business development team with the information they need to prepare their discovery calls efficiently. Equip your rep so they can ask the right questions and better qualify your leads.

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