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Most sales managers don’t have the tools and content they need to make their reps successful. Bookplay provide sales leaders with a platform to create, manage, and distribute their best reps knowledge and tactics resulting in shortened sales cycles and increased win-rate

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"Sales reps waste a staggering 26 hours per month finding, editing and managing content across a number of locations. At the same time, only 14% are confident that they use the most up-to-date content."

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Find it when you need it

It's over the times when sales reps tell their prospects "I don't know, I will get back to you on this". Bookplay enables you to provide just-in-time training to your sales reps ahead of a sales call or big presentation by equipping them with the information they need to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Onboard new reps in weeks

It usually takes time to onboard new reps. Your reps often left on their own and rely on inconsistent guidance from their colleagues. Bookplay can be used for internal communication and training to speed up your sales onboarding and cut your employee replacement costs.

Identify gaps in knowledge

Most deals are lost because your reps have forgoten to mention one key aspect of your solution or simply because they don't know about it. With Bookplay's reporting dashboard you can see what are your reps learning and btherefore bridge the knowledge gaps.

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